Our Cars

As well as being of a stylish and sporty appearance our instructor cars are selected for their economical and environmental credentials, delivering incredible low emissions. Our Peugeots also offer a very comfortable drive with independent climate control and a safety Ncap rating of 5 for adult occupants All are regularly serviced and replaced every 24 months so you will see that most of our cars are very new.
Our cars are perfect for those practicing eco driving and we will show you how to do it. After all it is important that we teach you to make the car go that extra mile!
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I must say that I am extremely happy with the lessons compared to the last driving school.
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I'm so pleased to have passed my driving test and it's thanks to Jason's hard work.
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Professional, friendly and approachable. I could feel myself improving week by week!
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Congratulations to Lauren Dawe

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Drew passes her test in the wind and the rain.

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